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Senior Developer in On-premise and in AWS environments

A senior SW engineer for (mostly) Backend development of new offering, deployed in both local machines and in AWS. 

Responsibilities: From technology research and design, through implementation of new products and delivery to customer sites worldwide. 


  • Research & investigate technological areas (New AWS tools, Serverless, Dockers & Kubernetis, Advanced NoSQL, 3rd party tools) and understand them in depth through rapid self-learning

  • Technology implementation: Develop robust systems in a variety of advanced platforms and technologies requiring sharp technical skills and fast, independent learning capabilities (Python, Linux, advanced DevOps, and more) 

  • Implement advanced architectural concepts: Microservices, docker containers, data driven design, Kafka message, and more

  • Work in Agile (Scrum) methodology 

  • Implement and use advanced automated development environments: CI/CD, GIT, Jenkins, Nexus/JFROG repository, QA automation


-   Innovation: Invent new ideas, Implement and deliver PoCs and trials for customers using bleeding edge technologies. Assist the company management in conceiving new ideas and concepts

Required Skills: 

     SW professional skills:

- > 3 years of intensive hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge of backend design and development, using python application framework. 

- Ability to build from scratch complex sophisticated engines, deployed also in limited resources environments

- Knowledge and hands-on experience in AWS, including integration and usage of AWS tools and services

- Experience working with RDB (e.g. Postgress), querying and optimization. Ability to design a schema and implement it

- Knowledge in NoSQL stores (Amazon S3/RedShift/Dynamo/other)

- Knowledge and experience in Unit Testing Frameworks and in end-to-end testing

- Strong understanding of object-oriented programming and design patterns

- Knowledge and ability to implement professional coding practices and standards

  • Advantage: Knowledge in machine learning, and in applying AI algorithms


    Development Style:

- Familiarity and experience in CI/CD environments and DevOps automation

- Familiarity with Agile

- Understanding of the MVP concept



- Comfortable tackling new problems and thinking outside the box. Ability to work in ambiguity

- Excellent analytical skills

- Excellent interpersonal skills. Work in a team of high achievers

- Ability to self-manage, independently



- Knowledge in Front End dashboards (QlikView and the likes)

- Full stack ability

To Apply please send CV to

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