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Everyday errors in Human–Machine Interactions might result in untold financial and human damage.

​What if we could prevent it?

CorrActions is a neuroscience technology startup based in Israel, providing AI software solutions for multiple Human-Machine interface challenges. We develop a platform proprietary data science algorithm-based, addressing the major pain of human operational performance in multiple mega markets. These algorithms monitor operational performance to alert on the deterioration in the human cognitive state and to prevent human errors. CorrActions unique solutions identify the user’s cognitive state impacted by drowsiness, alcohol, fatigue, and other distractions. Errors may be detected 150 milliseconds before they occur, in a completely non-invasive manner, by decoding unconscious brain signals through body motion monitoring.

Thus, CorrActions can read users’ mind and revolutionize Human-Machine Interface by allowing improved human performance as well as smarter and safer machine operation.



Our Vision

Revolutionize Human-Machine efficiency using disruptive Brain Computer Interface (BCI)

with just a simple touch

Our Technology

Our software decodes natural human motion to analyze subconscious cognition.

We anticipate the person’s cognition state before it reaches consciousness.

Therefore, we can detect and prevent performance deterioration over time.

Execution of

user’s intention


and minimizes errors before they occur

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Analyzes simple natural behavior - unlike other solutions in the market

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Applicable to a wide range of use cases and industries

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CorrActions’ patented revolutionary technology detects and decodes brain error signals by monitoring human motion in order to alert or prevent human errors in real-time, about 200 milliseconds before they start, and identify deterioration of Cognitive Operational State.

The Brain Time line in Milliseconds

Timeline Of Brain Error Detection (Milli

Use Cases

Automotive Industry:

Monitor drivers and alert on performance issues caused by, drunkenness, drugs, drowsiness etc

Aviation Industry:

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Mobile Industry:

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Monitor pilots performance under severe fatigue situations

Monitor motion via touch identifying human cognitive operational state and prevents typing errors 


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