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CorrActions is a non-invasive software platform using unparalleled neuroscience algorithms to detect and decode human brain signals related to error prediction.

These algorithms alert, monitor performance, prevent human errors and accelerate motor skills training.
offering a unique solution to monitor a user’s operational state impacted by drowsiness, alcohol, or distractions.
We can detect errors  150 millise...





Our Vision

Revolutionize Human-Machine efficiency using disruptive Brain Computer Interface (BCI)

with just a simple touch

Our Technology

Our software decodes natural human motion to analyze subconscious cognition.

We anticipate the person’s cognition state before it reaches consciousness.

Therefore, we can detect and prevent performance deterioration over time.


Execution of

user’s intention

CorrActions intervenes

and minimizes errors before they occur


Technology is applicable to a wide range of use cases and industries


Analyzing simple natural behavior - Unlike other solutions in the market


The Brain Time line in Milliseconds


Meet the team

Zvi Ginosar 


Has over 25 years of experience in the Hi Tech and Semiconductor industries both in Israel and in the USA including senior management positions at Intel, Numonyx and Micron Technology.

Eldad Hochman 


PhD, a Neuropsychologist and brain scientist, an expert in the field of performance monitoring, action and error control.

Eliyahu Sivaks


Experienced  R&D expert focusing on image processing, algorithms and Machine Learning

Yaron Ziv

BD Aerospace

Retired combat pilot (Colonel),

Aerospace & Mobility business development expert

Daphna Steinmetz


Visionaire and innovator, held c-level & VP positions in global large corporations and start ups at the bleeding edge of technology.

Expert in Innovation, Technology Architecture and Data Science implementations

Zohar Rehnicher

Data Scientist

Experienced in Data Science,

Modeling and Algorithm


Prof Hagai Bergman

Advisory Board

World leader in Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) procedure and Brain Learning

Ran Elbaz

PM & Team Leader

A Team Leader experienced with Product Management, SW & HW development. Successfully led a number of covert operations at 81 technology unit.


Use Cases

CorrActions is a generic, software-based platform to be used  in any product with human-machine interaction.

Here are some examples:

Aviation Industry:

Monitor pilots performance under severe fatigue situations

Automotive Industry:

Mobile Industry:

Monitor drivers and alert on performance issues caused by, drunkenness, drugs, drowsiness etc

Identify human Cognitive OS and preventing typing errors via touch and motion monitoring

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