Business Development Director

Jerusalem, Israel • Full-time •

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A central position defining both the business development roadmap and the day-to-day activities to meet goals while synchronizing the relevant functions internally and externally. As Business Development Director, you will be leading the process of identifying opportunities, foreseeing potential business deals with customers and partners. both demonstrate the company technology capabilities as well attracting customers to use CorrActions technology and products per the company business models. You will need to drive the interaction with potential partners and customers with focus on large corporate profile with complex sales and development processes. You will need to demonstrate effective sales/partnership deal creation knowledge as well as market proficiency, industry regulation and competitive landscape. Project Management of customer activities (trials, demos, deployments)




  • At least 5 years of proven experience in business development, sales and marketing with global large-scale companies engaging with novel ideas

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Marketing, Finance or related fields. Master’s degree is advantageous

  • Creativity. Excellent analytical, problem-solving and decision-making skills

  • Exceptional leadership and management skills

  • Very strong interpersonal relations and communication skills

  • Excellent business acumen

  • Fluent English, writing and speaking


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Product Director

Jerusalem, Israel • Full-time •

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A central position defining both the product roadmap and the day-to-day activities, and synchronizing the different company functions.

As a Product Director you will be leading the product. Translating strategy and vision to roadmap and specification of the operational offering, throughout the whole product lifecycle.

The goal is to ensure novel idea implementation in a slick way with “wow effect”, to amaze customers and users.  With an eye towards the latest scientific trends and emerging technologies together with the chief scientist and CTO, you will build an offering (according to the company’s overall strategy and goals).


Your role will include:

  • Generating product description to address in bound work definition, stories and UX design. The specification will span over functionality and user experience, algorithms in data science and non-functional requirements.

  • Prioritizing the product requirements and specifying the “definition of done”. Working closely with the engineering, data scientists and analysts, and quality teams

  • Managing offering for specific customers and market segments

  • Playing the “product owner” position in agile processes

  • Outbound: You will also work outbound, externally with global customers & users to define specific use cases required, interfaces, and deployment needs.




  • At least 3-5 years of experience in product management with a demonstrated ability to drive product planning, development and launch.

  • Hands-on experience with product management in the data science domain, and with user experience conceptualization and design

  • Track record in working with customers from product conception to delivery and operation, and produce collaterals

  • Proven knowledge and experience in Agile software development processes

  • Ability to understand technical subjects and their relevancy to the marketplace

  • Ability to learn fast new trends and evaluate their business potential

  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to work well in a team environment

  • Fluent English, writing and speaking


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Data Scientis & Algorithm Developer 

Jerusalem, Israel • Full-time •

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CorrActions is looking for an algorithm development expert and Data Scientist to lead research on advanced mathematical models for error predictions and actionable decisions. The target math model should analyze unique info of users activities to detect and predict future errors to notify and prevent them.

The Data Scientist will be responsible for creating an advanced concept, designing the math model, and developing the algorithm.
The Data Scientist will learn the brain-machine-interface domain, the user challenges and the needs to achieve optimal value for customers in different verticals with multiple use cases. The job includes working closely with the business team and with the development team that using bleeding edge technologies,

Key Responsibilities:


  • Conceptualize a generic engine that can obtain insights and actionable recommendations from a large variety of different unique data sets

  • Build a distributed analytics model (partly local, partly in AWS cloud) based on advanced machine learning methodologies,

  • Research for an existing open source algorithms that may be applied, or invent a new algorithm

  • Implement the model to show correctness and completeness.

  • Integrate with the generic platforms for optimal performance, flexibility, expandability for multiple use cases



Job Requirements, Experience, Education: 


  • >3 years of practical professional experience in developing algorithms for data analytics, including machine learning

  • track record in algo research, implementation and optimization in commercial / operational environments

  • ability to tie-in math approached to real life problems

  • Vast knowledge in Machine learning algorithms

  • Knowledgeable of Big Data technologies for data engineering / feature extraction / data preprocessing

  • 2 degrees at least in Mathematics, or in an engineering field, academic background, and wide knowledge in advanced math approached in big data analytics


  • Experience in solving complex analytical problems

  • Ability to communicate well with technical and non-technical audiences

  • Ability to dynamically adjust to different needs and use cases, following business opportunities



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