BackEnd  Developer

Jerusalem, Israel • Full-time •

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A senior SW engineer for (mostly) Backend development of new offering, distributed in both local machines and in AWS.

Responsibilities: From technology research and design, to implementation of new products and delivery to customer sites worldwide.

• Research & Investigate new technological areas (New AWS tools, NoSQL, 3rd party platforms) and understand them in depth through rapid self-learning.

• Technologies: - Develop in a variety of advanced platforms and technologies requiring sharp technical skills and a fast, independent learning capabilities (AWS Cloud, Serverless, Linux, various NoSQL Databases, Java, and more)

• Apply advanced architectural concepts: Microservices, docker containers, data driven design, Serverless (Lambda)

• Implement and use advanced automated development environments: CI/CD, GIT, Maven, Jenkins, Nexus repository

• Work in Agile (Scrum) methodology

• Innovation: Invent new ideas, Implement and deliver PoCs and trials for customers using bleeding edge technologies.

Required Skills:

SW professional skills:

• More than 3 years of intensive hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge of backend development. using (C++/.net/go/rust) application framework design and development.

• Ability to build from scratch complex sophisticated engines, in limited resources environments

• Knowledge in machine learning, and in applying AI algorithms

• Knowledge and hands-on experience in AWS, including integration and usage of AWS tools and services.

• Experience working with RDB (Aurora Postgress – an davantage), querying and optimization.

• Ability to design a schema and implement it

• Experience working with NoSQL (Amazon S3/RedSHift/Dynamo/other)

• Knowledge and experience in Unit Testing Frameworks and in end-to-end testing)

• Strong understanding of object-oriented programming and design patterns

• Knowledge and ability to implement professional coding practices and standards.

Development Style:

• Familiar and experienced in CI/CD environments, DevOps automation

• Familiar with Agile


• Comfortable tackling new problems and thinking outside the box. Excellent analytical skills.

• Excellent interpersonal skills. Work in a team of high achievers


• Knowledge in Front End dashboards (Tableau, ClickView, and the likes)

• Understanding the domain of enterprise software



Data Scientist

Jerusalem, Israel • Full-time •

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CorrActions is looking for an algorithm development expert and Data Scientist to lead research on advanced mathematical models for error predictions and actionable decisions. The target math model should analyze unique info of users activities to detect and predict future errors to notify and prevent them.

The Data Scientist will be responsible for creating an advanced concept, designing the math model, and developing the algorithm.

The Data Scientist will learn the brain-machine-interface domain, the user challenges and the needs to achieve optimal value for customers in different verticals with multiple use cases. The job includes working closely with the business team and with the development team that using bleeding edge technologies.

Key Responsibilities:

• Conceptualize a generic engine that can obtain insights and actionable recommendations from a large variety of different unique data sets

• Build a distributed analytics model (partly local, partly in AWS cloud) based on advanced machine learning methodologies

• Research for an existing open source algorithms that may be applied, or invent a new algorithm

• Implement the model to show correctness and completeness.

• Integrate with the generic platforms for optimal performance, flexibility, expandability for multiple use cases

Job Requirements, Experience, Education:

• 3 years of practical professional experience in developing algorithms for data analytics

• Ability to tie-in math approached to real life problems

• Relevant degree in CS, Mathematics or in an engineering field, academic background, and wide knowledge in advanced math approached in big data analytics. (M.Sc. advantage)

• Knowledgeable of Big Data technologies


• Experience in solving complex analytical problems

• Ability to communicate well with technical and non-technical audiences

• Ability to dynamically adjust to different needs and use cases, following business opportunities